Mutant Froggo

Mutant Froggo

General Overview

Once Upon A Time 1,000 Mutant Froggos Were Found In The Forest It Is Said That Catching One Of These Magical Frog NFT Will Lead to Untold Riches & Treasures

  • Unique Mutant Froggo NFTs
  • Hold NFT, Earn Passive Income in a form of native Tokens, the higher the NFT grade/rarity, the higher the passive income. (Easily Tracked On The Dashboard)
  • 1st Comic and Trailer Video (Ready Before Launch)
  • $FROGGO Taxes = 1% buy 1% sell
  • $FROGGO Fairlaunch on Pinksale
  • Mobile Application Dashboard (Ready By Launch)
  • NFT Minting after launch with native tokens (Genesis Release 1000 NFTs)
  • Mutant NFT Marketplace (Almost Done!)
  • Exodus Release (4000 NFTs) on Binance NFT release.
  • Upcoming Jump2Earn Technologies

Leap into the Future of WEB3 with Mutant Froggos!

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